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Looking for someone who can write periodical articles of interest for Drekkly in Kernewek/Cornish. Interested and able?

A Wre'ta Kewsel Kernewek?

There has been a tremendous interest in the past few decades to give the celtic family of languages a new breath of life. Scottish Gaelic has seen a big surge in interest and Welsh has been ascendant since the beginning of the 20th century.

Cornish, as a spoken language, seems to have disappeared sometime late in the 18th century, having been supplanted, like other gaelic languages, by the hegemony of English and at times, a rather brutal oppression of any open expressions of celtic culture.

However, Cornish (Kernewek) has been experiencing its own revival for quite some time and you can learn Cornish in a number of settings across Cornwall with speakers of all levels.

Find Out More About Learning Cornish

I am looking for someone knowledgeable in Cornish to contribute some regular content to Drekkly on a Cornish only section of the site. Not necessarily a fluent speaker but someone who can put together some interesting content to engage users of Drekkly and perhaps stir up some interest to promote Cornish and engage a new generation of learners.

If you feel you can help us develop this exciting area of content, please go to the support home and let us know how you can help grow the Cornish area!

This is not a token gesture but a sincere recognition of the importance the language once had in Cornwall and hopefully, a bigger part of our future.

Meur ras...

@EuanJackson posted on Wed August 14th 2019, 14:42

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