Get The Most Out Of Drekkly

Managing your Drekkly account is easy and here are a few tips to maximise your experience. Help with posts, profile pictures and banners, business listings and more!

Hi to all the wonderful Drekkly community across Cornwall!

Autumn is in the Cornish air, as grey mists and rain sweep over Bodmin Moor. Mind you, looks like this in Summer too!

Thanks for supporting and being a contributor to Drekkly!

In this update, there are a few things I want to highlight, to make your profile and activity meaningful, i.e., to get people engaging with your posts, you and assist in making connections. Doing this, will mean you get more out of Drekkly and the site is made more useful to other users.

Say Something

To create a simple post literally takes seconds, so if you are nervous about how to do that, don't be! You can have your very first post live quickly and easily. Once logged in, on your Home page, you will see the Drekkly button. Click that to choose what type of post you want to create: text, image or video.

More help on posting - > Click Here


One of the post types you can add on Drekkly is a picture. Read the help to understand more on how to do this. Pictures really tell a story and bring the platform alive! If you have captured a moment on your phone or camera, share it, we would love to experience the moment with you!

** You can also add Video via the same method too.


When you visit Drekkly or you are logged in, you will see the default site theme, ocean blue and white. Appropriate for Cornwall and its long coastline! But once logged in, you can choose your theme from 3 different flavours or moods you might be in: light / white and ocean / dark.

Choose what suits. You may not have seen it tucked away in your account settings.

To change your site theme or what is called a Styling Skin - Click Here then scroll to the bottom setting, select theme and Save.

Your Profile

To add a splash of colour and interest to your profile, upload your profile picture and a profile banner. If you are a business, then this could be your company logo. It is always nice to see a face and this is what really encourages non-users to sign up and join the conversation across Cornwall.

So, please log in and add a picture of yourself and a banner, which could be anything from a happy snap of the coast to your garden!

You can also add a bit of descriptive text about who you are, interests, hobbies, pastimes, etc. This Bio helps others to find like-minded people and establish a connection. Something interesting could really come out of it. So add it right here -> Click To Add A Bit About Yourself

My profile page is show below with my profile picture and banner.

To add your own profile picture and banner -> Click Here

Eat Out With Drekkly (Kind Of...)

If you are or know a food/drink business in Cornwall, please let them know about our Business Listings for such. It is free to have a Drekkly account and free to list your business.

We really want to grow this area of the site, as there are many people always looking for somewhere good to eat and drink and Drekkly is the answer! Reviews and images can also be to the listing. So tell a cafe or restaurant near you this is available free of charge. We all benefit!

To see current business listings - > Click Here

Help Drekkly Grow

We recently launched a page on CrowdFunder to raise awareness about the Drekkly vision. Financial support will help us develop the platform to a more powerful feature-rich experience and truly become the #1 community in Corwnall online.

A bold vision but why not aim high? If you can support us, please consider donating via our Patrons Page or pledging an amount on our Crownfunder page.

That's it for now - PLEASE tell your friends, family, work colleagues, sheep, etc about Drekkly. Spread the word so the platform grows and becomes a vibrant expression of life across Cornwall.

So glad you are onboard and looking forward to see what is happening with you on your latest Drekk with us!

@EuanJackson posted on Tue October 1st 2019, 16:45

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