Tell Us What's Happening In Cornwall

We have an Events area where you can post any event you want, happening across Cornwall. Here's why that will help all of us!

Just read the weather forecast for the weekend and next week and.....wet, cold and windy. Enjoy!

But despite the coming of Autumn and the (temporary) weather dip, there is so much going on across Cornwall in the run up to Christmas. That's what makes being here so special; always something to look forward to, a festival, a concert, for example.

On Drekkly, we are building an events section, that will be comprehensive and reflect the diversity of things to do any day of the week. This could be a music festival, book fair, farmers market, from small to big events. Anything can be added as a Drekkly event.

Presently we have a few current events upcoming and I encourage you to send the link to your friends to make them aware of what to look forward to in Cornwall.

Events Area -

Currently on there we have the following for your diary:

Celtic Festival Lowender Peran 2019
- Defintely will be here for this annual shindig for my birthday weekend!

Padstow Christmas Festival
- Love this event in December. Food, drink and Padstow, what's not to enjoy!

Once you have logged into your account, you can easily add a new Event. It is a very cost-effective way to promote your event across the Drekkly community and Cornwall. Once published, you can view statistics for your events; viewers, clickthroughs, actions taken, etc.

Currently the charge is £19.99 to publish an event, a huge saving on other online paid-for services. Helps Drekkly cover our monthly costs

So, if you have something you want to tell us about, go to your Event Manager and publish it!

** If your event is a Charity event, tell us about, and it will be listed free of charge. We want to help charities and the voluntary sector across Cornwall and this is one way we can help you get your message and cause out to the public!

Look forward to seeing your event online with us and maybe you will see the Drekkly Team there!

Have a great weekend!

@EuanJackson posted on Fri October 11th 2019, 15:00

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