Update 12 August 2019

Quick update on where things stand with #drekkly development. Latest thoughts and facts right here from @euanjackson

Hi everyone - thought I would just give a news update on where we are at present with Drekkly and things we are working on.

Many times I have felt I am totally up against it; working solo with a lot of technical challenges and functionality to code while keeping the overall vision of Drekkly at the front of my mind. Which Is? A simple to use, transparent social network to connect Cornwall: By Cornwall For Cornwall About Cornwall.

Still the vision and I feel we are (again) almost there...so hopefully within the next 14 days Drekkly will be live on the first stage of our Roadmap in getting all this connectivity alive and kicking.

Thank you to all beta testers who have been great in providing helpful and critical feedback to us. Implementing changes on existing structure takes time but we are keen to get all the latest round of updates in there to shorten the time to going live.

So...stay tuned and thanks for the support Cornwall!

@EuanJackson posted on Mon August 12th 2019, 11:51

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