Site Version & Revisions


10th September 2019

Notes: Business listings are now enabled. If you are a business in the food/drink industry, get a listing free on Drekkly. Allow reviews and get stats for views and clickthroughs. Please report any issues encountered!

30th August 2019

Notes: Alpha public release of site. Please notify support of any issues encountered. I may well have missed the obvious in the final testing phases!

12th August 2019

Notes: Full Event Manager added to allow users to post events across Cornwall. Includes analytics and unlimited Event posting items.

Added News Area, showing latest news and updates across the site and Cornwall, of relevance to users.

28th July 2019

Notes: Updated to include revised documentation, site user guides, policies.

User notifications and communication preferences added for various account activities.

21st June 2019

Notes: Provisional closed test release.


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