Redrekking A Post

Not only can you like a post, you can go further and share it on your own timeline. If you have followers, this shared post or what we call a 'redrekk', will also appear on their timelines, as they follow your posts too.

Redrekking is a great way to build content quickly across the site but also shows your support of others and the content they have posted; something you feel others would benefit from seeing; an event that you could help promote by redrekking; a cause you think worth getting behind. Many reason to redrekk.

Once you have clicked the redrekk link, a window will open. Here, you can add some of your own comments to the redrekk which will appear with the redrekked post. Make it interesting and why you are redrekking the post. Once written, click the redrekk button and it will go live on your timeline with your comments and also live on your followers' timelines.