How To Post

Posting is the basic functionality. There are three types of posting you can do: simple Text, Image and Video.
We are also exploring ways to share pasties in a post in the coming days...

To start posting, simply click the blue Drekk button Drekk on the left-side menu on your Home page to open the posting options, outlined below.

Text Post

The most simple way to share across Cornwall! Click on the text post link to drop down the text box, into which you can type your post.

In your text post, you can share a minimum of 30 characters. In addition, you can create #hashtags, as they are know, based on points of interest.

For example, if you want to draw attention to say, Bodmin in your post, you can write some text and the point of wanting to write Bodmin you would instead write it as #Bodmin.

What this does it to make it a searchable tag across the site. In this way, you can click the #Bodmin tag and if others have tagged in #Bodmin on any post, you will be able to see what these are. Doing this, allows users to quickly drill down relevant information around the interest they are looking for across Cornwall.

So, use #hashtags wherever you can; doing so, quickly increases the power of Drekkly.

Furthermore with posts, you can also tag in other users, if you know their username. For example, if you want to identify another user in your post, rather than tpye, for example, drekkly, use @drekkly. This will ensure that others can see this user tagged in your posts, click the link and perhaps follow that user, thereby extending site usefulness and their user experience.

So, instead of posting: "blah blah drekkly...", you would write: "blah blah @drekkly (with a @ before the username).

Image Post

The same comments about tagging users and keywords applies to both Image and Video posts.

When you post an image, you can add some relevant comments about the image such as where, why, when, etc. This helps other users give context to the image. They may even choose to redrekk it or comment on it. The more interesting your image posted and more detailed, the more response across the community you will get on your post.

Note, there is a current image upload size of 3MB maximum. Most images off smartphones will be compressed and lower than this anyway. Further compression is applied when uploading to ensure nothing massive stacks up on our servers and to also reduce the time people can view the image. The lighter the better!

Video Post

There is a current video upload size of 10MB maximum. Most video content is uploaded off smartphones these days and involves compression of the original footage to minimise file size whilst maintaining video quality as much as possible. The trade off between file size and quality is minimal due to better compression techniques in your phone software.

Currently, 4K on cameras is becoming popular but will certainly result in a big file that will be rejected. So, avoid 4K footage off your camera for now. 30-60 second clips are ideal, attention-span wise and also to more likely stay within file size limitations.

Current accepted formats for video are .mp4 and .mov, the most popular formats for uploading off mobiles.