Help Drekkly Grow

Thank you for reading this. It is important that we communicate our current financial needs to our user community.

Drekkly is maintained and developed by @EuanJackson, founder and developer. This is me! I created this site for the reasons given on the About page.

I run a web development company that is responsible for everything Drekkly. However, all of the work so far has been voluntary and I am personally covering all the costs associated with this platform.

There are numerous fixed costs and also some variables that I need to cover every month to make Drekkly possible for our users. Additionally, this is a full-time vision and therefore, this is full-time for me and financial support will help ensure Drekkly will continue, grow and become what I believe it can be.

Here's How You Can Help

#1 Crowdfunder - Visit our Crowdfunder Page. There, you can choose the amount of donation towards our target figure. Any amount will be greatly received and help us to quicker reach our funding goals and expand Drekkly.

Go to Crowdfunder Now

#2 - Private Patron Please consider supporting us via a single patron contribution of £100. This will provide the means to continue the work and go towards a combined effort to help us cover costs and perhaps invest in additional resources to make Drekkly the amazing platform it deserves to be!

Long term, we aim to be self-sustaining through some of the commercial activities outlined on our About page. This will help us get to that goal in the meantime.

Simply click the Patron button below to make a payment. You will be asked for some details during the checkout. Follow any instructions given.

Please do not close the browser or this page whilst you are in the process of making a donation! You will be redirected to a confirmation page automatically upon successful payment.

* Your payments will be taken by Elementium Ltd, a sister company of Drekkly Ltd, operators of Drekkly. This will show on your bank statement(s).
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