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Getting Help & Support

We do not run a full-time support desk on Drekkly. Yet. This means a very small team, @EuanJackson at the @drekkly HQ are dealing with all and any support issues that arise across the site. This could be of a technical nature or concerns over certain posts on grounds of an inappropriate nature or percevied hate speech.

First things first: if you are having trouble wirth using the site, please make sure you have read our Help articles. All the currently available Help articles can be accessed by clicking the relevant link(s) on the left hand menu.

If you are already a user on another social media platform (?!), then managing your posts should be quite familiar to you.

Most functions are covered in these Help articles and more will be published.

However, we appreciate that you might need more help in regard to a particular issue. This could be a technical problem you have noticed on Drekkly. Or, it maybe a post you feel is inappropriate. Perhaps, there are typos you can help us correct.

After checking the Help articles and reviewing teh Frequently Asked Questions below, if you still have a pressing issue, then you can email the Support Team and express clearly the issue you are experiencing on Drekkly.

We will do our best to deal with your support request, make any changes that we feel are necessary and do it to the best of all users' site experience.

Feature Requests

There is a roadplan to add a lot more functionality to expand the site to be a powerful communication tool across Cornwall.

More than likely, you will have ideas about certain things that the site is not doing but should do. This is a feature request.

If you have a feature request for something really cool you would like to see implemented on Drekkly, then again contact us and we will review your suggestions. Allow us time to review. Not all feature requests will be added. Understandably, we are busy developing our current feature list. Yours may already be on there, or be outside of the scope of our vision.

Thank you for joining us on Drekkly and supporting the vision for an exclusive social network across Cornwall. It grows and becomes more useful to the degree we all contribute, interact and encourage each other.

You can find out more about the vision behind Drekkly right here.

The Drekkly Support Team