About Drekkly


Hi Cornwall! My name is @EuanJackson and I am the founder and developer behind Drekkly. I live near Colliford Lake, up on Bodmin Moor, an area of outstanding natural beauty and outstanding amounts of annual rainfall...

I have come to appreciate over time how beautiful this place is, how diverse the life is, the flow of history through here, the independent spirit of the Cornish and everything in between!

And I do like pasties and anything made by Cornish breweries and vineyards...

I have been developing web technology over a number of years and this has naturally lead to a desire to build a unique online community for Cornwall. A community tool I would define as: By Cornwall For Cornwall About Cornwall.

I believe this is good thing for Cornwall. For connecting us more dynamically to what is happening across Cornwall; to highlight positively the very best of our shared lives here and doing it all through a better approach to social media ethics.


Social Media is a well known means for people to communicate across the internet. These can be via simple posts sharing your latest thoughts about something to uploading images and videos that capture the special moments and milestones of your life. Others can then see these and interact with your moment via various responses: comments, reactions, reshares, etc. Most of us are familiar with the public working of a social media platform.

Drekkly is not trying to reinvent the wheel in respect of what others are already doing successfully, such as Facebook or Twitter and the like. Platforms you may well have an account on and upload/post daily.

However for us, what we wanted to do was narrow the scope of our platform much more to make it all about all things Cornwall; in essence a social media platform by Cornwall, for Cornwall, about Cornwall.

That translates to people in Cornwall posting about the things we are priviledged to experience every day here, whatever they are. Small or great, frequent or unique, they are all snapshots in time that represent Cornwall, Cornishness and life here.

Therefore, Drekkly is content-driven by you; you, the user, are the one who drives what makes Drekkly what it is now and what it will become. We are all part of a community creating a powerful expression of Cornwall online!


Secondly, many have become greatly concerned about the invasive nature of large corporations who have and are harvesting huge amounts of data from peoples' public and private lives. This is then sold on to third-parties, who further extract from that data information for marketing purposes and in certain cirumstances, far more devious ends. This has created a billion dollar plus industry of trading identities as commodities.

We have seen in the past few years some spectacular data breaches on these platforms and a late apology of complicity in how personal data was willingly abused and traded.

And these are the abuses of user trust we know of. We can only conclude there have been many more but remain hushed to prevent legal incrimination, investor and public outcry. I left these platforms for exactly these reasons as many have done as a protest to the handling of our information and the lack of transparency offered.

This is simply not unacceptable on any level and betrays what many have suspected about large corporations solely as providing services to exploit information extraction for profit.

We accept that using a public accessible social media platform waives certain rights to privacy but not all. This is the danger in that many simply do not realise the sheer scale of personal data being sold on through unverified third-party apps, advertising partners, data breaches and more. Consequently, people want to socially interact but demand better protection for their data and personal information.

The Difference...

To use Drekkly, obviously certain personal information is required to access our services. This enables secure login, notifications, communications, etc, that are all relevant to your use of the site.

Additionally, when you post, this is public viewable information. Use discretion when posting and with what and whom you share.

However, the difference with Drekkly is that we are commited to the integrity of your data with us:

  • We do not sell on your personal data
  • We do not give access to third-party apps to connect with your data
  • All site functionality is developed in-house for integrity & security purposes


We have a roadmap of ideas we want to bring into Drekkly. Some of this will be introduced in the short-term, some a bit further down the road.

Such features will include posting Events, News from across Cornwall, Accomodation, Employment Opportunities, Live Music, Community Marketplace, highlighting the amazing Charity & Voluntary sector. We shall also be developing some advertising to help Cornish businesses get exposure for their products and services. Cornwall needs financial investment and this is our small attempt to help attract that investment.

A wre'ta kewsel Kernewek?! There is also talk about a section here dedicated to posting in Kernowek (Cornish language). Interest in learning Kernowek has been steadily growing in recent years and if we can be a part of the ongoing revival, then we will do our best to give it a profile and voice!

In the future, it is likely there will be some charges made to promote certain individual or business services on Drekkly. Even though we are a registered business, the sole income derived to maintain and develop this site will rely on a level of chargeable services. These will always be outlined clearly and with what our billing covers. However, it will always be free to have an account on Drekkly and post and interact with Cornwall. Promise!

If you would like to help us cover our costs and grow Drekkly, please consider being a patron here.

We are all about Cornwall - anything that goes on in Cornwall can be drekked about.
Post, comment, redrekk, like, photos, videos..... proudly promote Cornwall and do it drekkly or sooner preferably :)

Euan Jackson, Drekkly Founder

Additional Notes

1. We are developing advertising on Drekkly as a means of revenue to cover our monthly expenses. However, the gathering of advertising data is solely statistical information about advertisement interaction, clicks, views, etc. All personal data used in advertising is anonymised.

2. You can choose what notifications or communications to receive from us in your account settings. You can opt out of any communication from us at any time. Your email address is not passed on to any third-party. Neither will we spam you with unsolicited mail correspondence.

3. An online service like Drekkly needs web hosting and server infrastructure to operate. Additionally, we need robust security software to preserve data integrity across the platform. All this costs and without investment and a level of minimal reasonable, chargeable services we cannot hope to make this vision work. If you would like to help with funding and be a patron, Drekkly, please click here.