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Drekkly HQ serving you at the speed of, well....drekkly. Maintaining the platform and making sure all things run smoothly for you, our fantastic community of users across Cornwall. Any new features can be found here www.drekkly.com/help/version and tagged on @updates

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1 month ago

Tell Us About Your Event

Post an event on Drekkly and tell people across Cornwall whats happening! See more: https://drekkly.com/news/1570802515/Tell-Us-What's-Happening-In-Cornwall #events

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1 month ago

Server Maintenance

We will be doing some maintenance changes on our servers over the next 24-48 hours. May be some disruption but improvements are needed for growth! #update #maintenance

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2 months ago

Support Update 30 September 2019

If you spot anything not working on drekkly, please alert us to the issue via our help pages, https://drekkly.com/help/home - thanks! #update

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2 months ago

Business: Eat Out

As #EuanJackson has posted, we have a new section up, Eat Out. Will be adding more functionality in the coming days. In the food and drinks business? Then get listed now! #eatout

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3 months ago

Blasting Off...

Before a deserved night out, a last minute drekk. Keep up to date with the latest on drekkly via #drekkly tags. Handy when searching for any changes. Have a great weekend all!

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3 months ago

Support Update 19 August 2019

Hi to all the #drekkly community. Last minute coding and functionality should see us live within 7 days...! Keep getting little gremlins in the system but overcome all so far. Thanks for the cheerleading to get us over the finish line!

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