Our whole ethos is to create a dynamic, creative and informative community where YOU drive the content and direction of everything we do:
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To make this all possible and to ensure the widest user base and benefits, please note the folllowing usage guidelines.

Any user falling foul of these community principles will be removed immediately from interacting on the Drekkly platform. Immediately, not drekkly.


Foul mouth tirades and ad hominem attacks on any user will trigger a site ban. We get it; you feel passionate about something but express your opionion graciously and respecting the object of your disagreement. We are all for free debate and much of that is being stifled, ironically in the name of 'free speech'. Drekkly believes in principles of exercising your right to express you opinions freely, without fear of offence. So say it with forethought and tolerance.


Increasingly we see trolling of peoples' accounts on other social media platforms as a demeaning practice and often with impunity. Botton line: No Trolling or you are banned.

Hate Speech

Different organisations will define hate speech differently depending upon many factors; the prevailing culture, religious grounds, current and relevant political policies and much more. Consequently, it becomes hard to be comprehensive in defining and applying an effective Hate Speech policy.

A fundamental priniciple in drawing up such a statement must surely be the mutual and explicit conviction that all people are equal, regardless of gender, religion/non-religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, race, colour, education; to be respected as fellow humans and therefore related to on this platform as you would wish to be related to. This should be self evident.

As far as we are able to formulate our own views on this, we would include the following into our above loose definition of Hate Speech:

  • Speech that incites hatred and/or violence to an individual user
  • Remarks causing offence or inciting hate based upon a person's religious, racial, sexual, gender, ethnic background

This list is not exhaustive and a useful summary of current UK legislation and thinking can be found here.

What To Do

If you have grounds to believe that a user on Drekkly may be violating the above usage policies, please contact our support team and state explicitly the nature of your complaint and the URL of the post in question and the @username of the person who you believe is in violation of our policies.

Last Updated: 21st August 2019

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