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BexBai redrekked...

@EuanJackson posted on 31st October 2019 15:19

Lowender Peran

Said it before, BUT please get along to Lowender Peran. Its begun already:

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2 weeks ago

Lowender Perran

Amazing music & so much dancing! Loving it.

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1 month ago

Padstow Holiday

Excited to be back down in Padstow in a few weeks! What should I do whilst I'm there?! #Holiday #Padstow

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@EuanJackson  1 month ago
Welcome back! Plenty happening. If you are here over first week of November, get your ceilidh shoes on for #lowenderperan -

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2 months ago

Can't wait to get back down to Cornwall and #paddleboard again soon 🏄🏽‍♀️

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@savannahjackson  2 months ago
Come back soon. It's quieter now but, the sea is still warm. x #paddleboard #seaside #cornishcoast

@EuanJackson  2 months ago
Cornwall is perfect for any sport on the water - hope you enjoyed your time here! #paddleboard

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